Growth performance and carcass composition of African catfish, Clarias gariepinus fed different protein and energy levels

مقالات آماده انتشار، اصلاح شده برای چاپ ، انتشار آنلاین از تاریخ 01 مهر 1397
Evinoraida Rency Siagian؛ Rudy Agung Nugroho


Growth performance and digestive enzymes activities of Pacific white leg shrimp (Litopenaus vannamei) juveniles fed dietary mixtures of four medicinal plants

دوره 17، شماره 4، زمستان 2017، صفحه 1157-1163
P. Akbary؛ M. Shoghi؛ M.S. Fereidouni


Growth performance of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) with respect to nutritional factors in north Iran (Haraz River)

دوره 13، شماره 3، پاییز 2014، صفحه 509-521
H. Hosseinzadeh Sahhafi؛ M. Nafari Yazdi


Growth response and tail-muscle fatty acid quality of Pacific white shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei (Boone) fed with diets containing different levels of rice protein concentrate

دوره 14، شماره 1، بهار 2015، صفحه 188-200
A Oujifard؛ J Seyfabadi؛ A Abedian Kenari؛ M Rezaei


Impact of two parasitic trematodes, Meiogymnophallus minutus and Himasthla spp., on the growth of the cockle, Cerastoderma edule

دوره 6، شماره 2، بهار 2007، صفحه 33-58
A. Javanshir؛ S.J. Seyfabadi؛ G. Bachelet؛ J. Feghhi


Improvement in the Growth and α-toxin Production of Clostridium septicum by Magnesium Sulfate

دوره 75، شماره 2، تابستان 2020، صفحه 219-225
M. Fathi Najafi؛ M. Hemmaty؛ J. Navidmehr؛ M. Afsharian؛ M. Farhoodi؛ S. Zibaee


Influence of Salicylic Acid and Citric Acid on the Growth, Biochemical Characteristics and Essential Oil Content of Thyme (Thymus vulgaris L.)

دوره 4، شماره 2، پاییز 2015، صفحه 141-146
Seied Mehdi Miri؛ Samad Ahmadi؛ Pejman Moradi


Influence of salinity on growth increment, feed conversion and body composition of common carp, Cyprinus carpio (Linnaeus 1758) fingerlings in the captivity

دوره 19، شماره 1، بهار 2020، صفحه 372-385
Abdul Malik Daudpota


Influence of the photoperiod and light intensity on growth performance, Melatonin and Insulin-like growth factors gene expression on Acipenser persicus during the embryonic stage

دوره 19، شماره 3، تابستان 2020، صفحه 1175-1192
R Kazemi؛ M Yarmohammadi؛ A Hallajian؛ Jalilpour J


Influence of the stocking density on the growth, feeding, survival rate and muscle cellularity of juvenile specimens of common name shi drum, Umbrina cirrosa L.

دوره 19، شماره 1، بهار 2020، صفحه 297-308
maria ayala


Life history pattern and feeding habits of Gobio bulgaricus (Drensky, 1926) (Pisces: Gobionidae) in an endorheic stream (Istranca Stream, Turkey)

دوره 19، شماره 1، بهار 2020، صفحه 248-261
Gülşah Saç؛ Müfit Özuluğ


Oral administration of garlic powder (Allium sativum) on growth performance and survival rate of Carassius auratus fingerlings

دوره 18، شماره 1، بهار 2019، صفحه 71-82
Shahram Dadgar؛ M Seidgar؛ A Nekuiefard؛ A.R Valipour؛ M Sharifian؛ M Hafezieh


Population dynamics and biological characteristics of kilka species (Pisces: Clupeonidae) in southeastern coast of the Caspian Sea

دوره 9، شماره 3، پاییز 2010، صفحه 422-433
G. Karimzadeh؛ B. Gabrielyan؛ H. Fazli


Population structure, growth and reproduction of leaping grey mullet (Liza saliens Risso, 1810) in Beymelek Lagoon, Turkey

دوره 10، شماره 2، تابستان 2011، صفحه 218-229
İsmet BALIK؛ Çetin SÜMER؛ Çetin SÜMER؛ Yılmaz EMRE؛ Çetin SÜMER؛ Ferit Y. TAMER؛ D. Aytuğ OSKAY؛ İsa TEKŞAM


Population structure, growth and reproduction properties of barbel (Barbus plebejus Bonaparte, 1832) living in Çığlı stream, Van, Turkey

دوره 15، شماره 2، تابستان 2016، صفحه 827-838
F. Şen؛ Ö. Kara؛ Ö. Kara؛ Ö. Kara


Population structure of Killifish, Aphanius anatoliae (Cyprinodontidae) endemic to Anatolia in Lake Eğirdir-Isparta (Turkey)

دوره 11، شماره 4، زمستان 2012، صفحه 786-795
Salim Serkan Guclu


Potentiality of Moringa oleifera aqueous extract as a growth modulator and antistress in acute hypoxic Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus

دوره 19، شماره 1، بهار 2020، صفحه 67-84
Ramy Shourbela؛ Waleed El-Hawarry؛ Ashraf Abd El-Latif؛ Seham Abo-Kora


Poulations dynamics and stock assessment of common kilka (Clupeonella cultriventris caspia ) in Iranian waters of the Caspian Sea

دوره 7، شماره 1، بهار 2008، صفحه 47-70
H. Fazli؛ C.I. Zhang؛ D.E. Hay؛ C.W. Lee؛ A.A. Janbaz؛ M.S. Bourani


Prevalence and effects of Lernaea cyprinacea (anchor worm) on the growth, skin histopathology and hematology of Catla catla

دوره 17، شماره 1، بهار 2017، صفحه 341-351
H. Tufail؛ N.A. Qureshi؛ N. Khan؛ K.J. Iqbal؛ M.R. Khan؛ A. Maqbool


Replacement of dietary fish meal with plant sources in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) effect on growth performance, immune responses, blood indices and disease resistance

دوره 12، شماره 3، پاییز 2013، صفحه 577-591
R. Jalili؛ A. Tukmechi؛ N. Agh؛ F. Noori؛ A. Ghasemi


Short Communication: Effects of dietary inulin on growth performance, survival, body composition, stress resistance and some hematological parameters of Gibel carp juveniles (Carassius auratus gibelio(

دوره 14، شماره 4، زمستان 2015، صفحه 1072-1082
R Akrami؛ B Rahnama؛ H Chitsaz؛ M Razeghi Mansour


Short Communication:Effects of the addition of a marigold extract to diets fed to channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) on growth parameters

دوره 14، شماره 3، پاییز 2015، صفحه 797-804
J.G Sánchez-Martínez؛ R Pérez-Castañeda؛ R Pérez-Castañeda؛ R Pérez-Castañeda؛ G Aguirre-Guzmán؛ G Aguirre-Guzmán؛ G Aguirre-Guzmán؛ M.L Vázquez-Sauceda؛ M.L Vázquez-Sauceda؛ M.L Vázquez-Sauceda؛ J.L Rábago-Castro؛ J.L Rábago-Castro؛ J.L Rábago-Castro؛ M Hernández-Acosta؛ M Hernández-Acosta؛ M Hernández-Acosta


Short communication: Growth properties of Tench (Tinca tinca L., 1758) living in Hirfanlı Reservoir (Kırşehir, Turkey)

دوره 8، شماره 2، پاییز 2009، صفحه 219-224
S. Şanlı Benzer؛ A. Gül؛ M. Yılmaz


Short communication:Population dynamics of Donax faba (Family: Donacidae)in the coastal waters of Padukere, Karnataka (India)

دوره 17، شماره 1، بهار 2017، صفحه 411-421
S.Y. Tenjing



دوره 7، شماره 2، بهار 2007، صفحه 111-124

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